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War of the Realms
Chapter 1 part 4

Jeremiah and his attack force entered the first cave they had seen.

Luckily the cave had lights up so they could see.

Jeremiah noticed strange prints on the cave floor.
"Look." he pointed them out, ivy looked at them.
"Dragon footprints." The said matter-of-factly.
"Which is strange cause.. we don't necessarily have many dragons here on earth, a lot of are luck to ever have seen even one." he said, remembered history.
"Your planet had dragons like us?" Asked Seven, seeming surprised.
"Yeah, once, a long time ago. They were wiped out.. A lot of us assume it was because of wild climate changes or natural disasters." He said matter-of-factly, it was true that earth has seen its fair share of climate changes and natural disasters.
"Bummer, but obviously there was possibly a survivor." Said Corona looking at the paw prints on the ground.

As they proceeded further, they came up on a mine cart.
"Sounds like your people like gold and diamonds too, huh?" Asked spyro, noticing the mine cart.
"Yep, Very val-" He was stopped when a sudden rumbling occurred, shaking them all.
"What was that?" Asked a shaken snuggle.
"Quake, this area of my home is well known for them, especially when I live near a volcano." He said as he proceeded to walk down a slope.
But slid as yet another quake rumbled, making hid fall backwards.
"Stupid quakes." He muttered, "What could these quakes be the result of?" Asked Corona, getting a little scared.
"Most likely the movement of tectonic plates, we got a whole bunch of them here on the west coast." He said as he got back up.
"Well, what if its not?" Asked Ivy, now sounding scared her self.
"Well, if IRS not tectonic in origin.. then we may have an eruption on our hands soon." He said, trying not to think about it.

Soon they came up on a deep, dark cavern.
"So, can you sense anything here?" Jeremiah asked ivy.
"Yes, I can sense sonething , down in the bottom of the cavern." She told him, scanning the bottom of the cavern.
It was dark down there, and it was filled with many stalagmites.
"I can't see anything." he said as he looked at everywhere.
"Are you sure something is down there?" He asked, she nodded.
"Something evil." she said finally.
he looked again, be was seeing nothing.
"I don't know, your majesty, if something is down there, it could be a ghost.
A lot of accidents have happened here of the years, that I know of." He said still looking.

"Hello?!" He called out, his call echoing through the cavern and cave.
Suddenly, he noticed a shadow dart from behind a stalagmite to another.
"Whoa! did you see that?" He asked, completely surprised.
This got everyone into defense mode.
"Who are you?!" he called out again, "I hardly doubt its that important." said
a raspy female voice from somewhere in the darkness.
"Show yourself! You Coward!" He taunted, "My my, strong words from someone so weak." the voice taunted back.
"I dare you to shoe your self! Coward." He taunted once again.
The voice chuckled, "If that is your wish, so be it."

Suddenly, from behind a stalagmite, out stepped a very large blue dragoness.
Ivy recognized the face of the dragoness, "Venus." Ivy said in a whisper.
"Well well well, Princess Ivy, I'm surprised you've come all this way to find me.. I can't help but feel touched.." She grinned evily.
"We came here to stop you and whatever plans you have." Said Cynder, with a slight growl.
"Who says I'm planning anything? I haven't done anything.. yet.." she said mischievously, "That right there is just one of the more reasons why you must be defeated." Said ivy getting into defensive position.
"Ahh, that is where your mistaken, it is you who will be defeated, very horribly." her eyes glowed yellow, and spit fireballs st them.
"Get down!" Seven covered them productively.


And the battle begins..
And the battle begins.
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this was a bit too sudden, if i mayy say so... but, nonetheless capturing! (is it okay that i'm giving you critiques like this?) ^^'
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