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January 18, 2013
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War of the Realms
Chapter 1 part 1

On the Planet Earth, it was November 21st 2012, and fall was delivering a good deal of cold.

Especially in the continent Called 'North America' where a young man named Jeremiah lived.

Jeremiah had a fascination towards different creatures, namely fantasy/mystical, he always created his own drawings of certain creatures.
Little did he know, an event, in which he would think could only happen in
our wildest dreams, was about to take place.

Jeremiah lived in Portland, Oregon, and was currently out on a walk.
He had an excellent view of a volcano, which was called 'Mount Rainier'.
He wanted to quickly take a few pictures of it before proceeding on his walk.
Suddenly, after taking 4 pictures of the volcano, I bright flash occurred..
from behind Jeremiah..

He turned to see what it was, thinking someone else had taken a picture as well,
but turned to see someone or something, which was wearing a black robe with a hood, which hid the face of the mysterious person/thing.

"W-who are you?" He asked, some fear in his voice.
The Person/creature grinned slightly, "Your questions shall be answered at a later time, but for now. you must come with me Jeremiah." It said turning away.
"How did you know my name?" He asked in great surprise.
"As I've said, there'll be time for questions during another time, we need to go, now." It said as it formed a portal behind it.
"Gee, should I even trust you? I mean, how do I know this isn't a trap?" he asked, actually backing up slightly.
"Trust me, I'm not here to attack you or get you injured or anything, but to make you a hero, which I'll explain later. Please... please come with me.." it said in a pleading voice.
Jeremiah sighed, "Okay, but if something does happen, just know : I'd blame you." he said as he any through the portal.
It laughed a little, "Of course you would." it said as it went through.
And with that, the portal closed.


To be continued.
Part 1 of my big story, it has begun!
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OOOOOOhhhh... mysterious figure appearing? Cool... plus J's line of "i'd blame you" was amusing!
As for the person in the hood? I couldn't tell... you've always been good at keeping me in suspense
I also posted a journal asking if I should fully kick the story off early/now or wait till the deadline (Just after 1:00 AM on the 21st) to fully kick it off, so more votes for what/who people want to see can come in.

Which is what I basically wanted to ask : should I start now/early or wait another day and a half to start?
Wait another day and a half... just in case a really interesting idea pops up
Well I can tell you I've been pretty much brain-storming (Obviously meaning I have had tons of ideas).

I at least wanna post a part 2 so we know the mysterious person/thing were dealing with.
Oooooh... go ahead you'll hook me anyway!
Okay, and because it might take a while, you'll probably have to see it when your back up again later.
cuz I'm sure its after midnight again where you are.
Yeah, old message.

but the same thing could be said for when part 3 is up.
Verlak Jan 18, 2013  Student General Artist
:iconsuperw00tplz: yea, interesting hook beginning!
What was the best part so far to you?
And who do you think the mysterious person/thing could be?
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